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Author Topic: Eni and Equinor Are Fueling Oil and Gas Expansion, Not Clean Energy Transition  (Read 13 times)

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OCI Team May 10, 2023

Contact: Valentina Stackl, Oil Change International Media Officer,

Kicking off AGM Season, Eni and Equinor Are Fueling Oil and Gas Expansion, Not Clean Energy Transition


Antonio Tricarico, Programs Director at ReCommon, said:

The decarbonisation of Eni's business remains a mirage and the sustainability-linked bond recently issued by the company is just smoke and mirrors. The Italian government, which still controls 30 percent of Eni, has chosen the confirmation for another three years of a CEO whose priority is to increase oil and gas production until at least 2030 and push for fossil gas expansion for the next decades. Despite the highest record profits ever, the company will invest 80 per cent in new oil and gas, selling the fairy tales of carbon capture and nuclear fusion that are unlikely to see reality.

“Because of this, the government and the company have decided to blatantly violate the goals of the Paris Agreement. It is time for investors who want to act against the climate crisis to make their voices heard before it is too late.”

Full article:

The two briefings can be found here: .
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